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Electrode boilers "Galan"

Electrode boiler "Galan" is an electrode boiler heating flow type, which immediately begins to show its advantage over other heaters - it does not require harmonization of the installation with the kotlonadzora ( "Regulations for Design and Operation of electrode boilers)

The process of heating the coolant in electric "Galan" comes at the expense of ionization, ie the splitting of molecules of the coolant at the positive and negative ions, which move respectively to the negative and positive electrodes, the electrodes are changing the poles 50 times a second, the ions fluctuate, providing that energy, ie the process of heating the coolant goes directly, without a "mediator" (for example TENa).

Electrode heating
boilers GALAN

Heating automatics

Electric boilers Galax


Ionization chamber, where this process, small size, so the sharp warming of the coolant and, consequently, increase its pressure (at maximum power the device - up to 2 atmospheres). Thus, the electric "Galan" is both a heating and circulating pump, which saves the consumer a lot of resources.

Features of the electric "Galan" should be its remarkable reliability:
● Turn off at short circuit electrical current
● Turn off when overheated wires tokopodvodyaschih
● Disabling above a given temperature (radiator / air in the room)
● Turn off in the absence of coolant (leaked to the heating system))


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