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Electric boilers "Galax 6"

Electric pot of new generation on the basis of thick-film resistive heater pozistornogo.

Rated voltage (V): 220/380

Type of current: alternating

Nominal Frequency (Hz): 50

Rated current for each phase (A) 220 V: 27.3

Rated current for each phase (A) 380 V: 9.1

Nominal power consumption (kW): 6

The amount of coolant (l): 240

The volume of heated space (m 3): 175

Weight (kg): 2

Connection to the heating system, clutch DM (mm): 40

Length (mm): 535

Protection class: 1

Enforcement of the degree of protection from moisture: splash

We recommend that you use the Navigator-9T

Thick-film heaters - is a revolutionary solution in the fields of engineering and technology, where there is no place for a traditional heater




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