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Electric "Galaxy" - a revolutionary step in the production technology of boilers. Their essence is to replace the traditional tubular heating elements to the film heaters manufactured by screen-printing technology, for many years used in the electronics industry in the manufacture of special equipment.

The design and production technology of boilers "Galax" used the most modern materials science of electronic equipment, apply the latest technological processes and equipment.
Thick-film heater can reduce the cost of electricity for heating by more than 25%.

At the aggregate economic and technical efficiency, including efficiency, ease of installation, repair, heating value of 1 square meter of space, the material on the 1 kW power boilers, etc. boilers "Galax" is comparable only with the electrode boilers and have a number of advantages, in particular, do not require the preparation of water and run on any heat-designed for heating systems.

The indisputable advantages of the "Galax" boilers are the following:

the thick-film heater makes it possible to reduce the power consumption for the heating by more then 25;
the heater does not contact to the heated heat-transfer agent resulting in high reliability and safety in operation;
the uniform power distribution over the entire surface of a cylindrical heater implies the absence of the hydraulic resistance to a liquid stream resulting in the uniform warming up of the heating system and the ideal temperature conditions in the heated apartment;
high factor of conversion of electric energy to the thermal energy;
low thermal sluggishness improves the operating economy of the "Galax" boilers;
the environmental safety;
the simplicity of installation and maintenance;
the increased life expectancy;
the small thickness of a heater provides high warming up rate;
the boiler construction is not conductive to formation and accumulation of the heat-transfer agent contamination;
compact size and light weight;

The absence of the thermal barrier between a heating layer and the corrosion-proof basis permits to improve the service characteristics of the electric heating equipment (controllability, efficiency, fluid medium warming up rate, power consumption, etc.) while the simultaneous nominal power decreasing by 15-25%.

The thick-film heaters represent a breakthrough for those technical and technological areas where the ordinal heaters cannot be used.

The boilers «Galax» are made only in Russia.
This type of boilers is built to the patented technology of the "Firma "Galan" Joint-Stock Company.



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